Flashback Friday: White kitchen windows and walls

With today's flashback Friday we hope to show the amazing things a simple coat of paint can do. A few cans of high gloss white spray paint took our kitchen the next step in its transformation.

We wouldn't normally recommend spray painting inside a house - the fumes are intense and overspray is a mess - but we thought the spray paint would provide an easier application in this case. (In hind sight, a regular trim paint mixed with extender would have probably produced similar results with less fumes.) For this project, we waited until a warm-cool day when we could keep the dogs outside and open up all the windows in the house for ventilation- an extremely important step when using spray paint.

First step was to remove as much of the hardware as possible and cover the remaining more permanent fixtures with painters tape. We didn't bother covering the glass because we planned to scrap off the overspray with a razor blade once it dried. We also painted the window frames before painting the walls so we wouldn't have to worry too much about overspray on the walls. However, we were still careful to not get too much on the walls to avoid any variations in the wall paint application - something to consider if your wall and trim paint are different colors and/or finishes.

The light difference in our kitchen was immediately noticeable. Even with the light filtering through the paint-covered glass, the room felt brighter and more open. I also fell back in love with the gray window hardware against the new fresh background which had looked brassy against the orange oak trim.

Once the windows were finished, we continued with our typical Sherwin Williams wall painting procedure. A coat of high-build primer, Eminence for the ceiling, and Duration Home in satin on the walls (with no added color).

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