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Cedar and Metal Wrapped Beams

The final touches have been added to the downstairs bedroom/office, including the wrapped support beams. Here we'll explain the materials and process we used to add an industrial touch to the space.

When we first moved in we thought these two beams were just part of a decorative feature, but after demo we learned that they also had a structural function and were here to stay. Rather than cover them with drywall, we decided to frame them with cedar boards and metal sheets.

Erik and his dad cut channels into the 12-foot wood boards where the metal sheets would be inserted. This allowed us to get a finished look without having to use exposed hardware or glue.

Once the channels were cut, the cedar boards were attached to the beams with a few nails and clamps. We left enough give to allow the metal sheets to slide in before being fully secured.

Erik then used a multi-tool to make relief cuts in the drywall so the metal sheets could be inserted into the channels.

Once the metal sheets were in place, the cedar beams were secured to hold everything together. A gas-powered hand-held nail gun came in really handy for this project.

Simple as that! Here are our finished beams!

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