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IKEA Hack: Kitchen Pantry

When we started planning our kitchen, one of the first problems we wanted to solve was the lack of a pantry. A change in layout gave us more efficient storage, but we still wanted to add a cabinet for the bulk of our dried foods and baking goods. We also saw this as a creative opportunity to double the function of the cabinet and incorporate a dog kennel to save on floor space. Using the same IKEA cabinets we used in the rest of the kitchen, we found a solution that was fairly simple and extremely effective.

The pantry is made of three main sections: two IKEA base cabinets and a large dog kennel. To start, we measured the height of each and marked where the cabinet installation hardware would go starting from the ground up. We knew this pantry needed to safely hold a large quantity of supplies. However, we were using the deeper, wider bases as wall cabinets, so Erik made sure they would be directly anchored to wall studs for the strongest support.

Once the cabinets were installed, we used IKEA cover panels to fill the gap next to the wall and add a finished edge to create the look of an enclosed pantry. While we considered having interior drawers for easy access, the significant weight shift when the drawers were pulled out from the elevated cabinets was definitely a safety concern, so we opted for shelves instead. We then used organizing bins to improve access to everything in the pantry.

We love how the pantry turned out and the space it created in our kitchen. And we're not the only ones. The cave-like kennel has become one of Norris's favorite retreats.

** Just a note that this is not an affiliated post with any of the linked products. The cabinet installation method in this project was our own and was not included, provided, or endorsed by the manufacturer. If you choose to create a similar project, please keep safety in mind and be sure that any cabinets mounted to a wall are completely secure. We can't claim responsibility for any damages or injuries if you choose to stray from the installation directions like we did. :)




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