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Throwback Thursday: IKEA kitchen install

We did it - we got our IKEA kitchen! After about a year of planning, financial prep, over 10 layouts/design adjustments, two van loads, and a day of driving, we were ready to install our new kitchen. A trip like this definitely requires reinforcements, so Erik's parents came along to help us pick up our entire kitchen - and yes, we made it in one trip.

IKEA kitchen in store pick up for DIY home renovation

It took a few days with help from Karyssa's mom to assemble all the cabinets, but once we understood how everything went together, we were cruising! The cabinet frames were very similar to the bathroom vanity, so we were already familiar with the setup.

Assembling IKEA kitchen cabinets for DIY home renovation
Assembling IKEA kitchen cabinets for DIY home renovation
Installing IKEA kitchen cabinets in DIY home renovation

We settled on the white Sektion cabinets with Maximera drawers and Veddinge fronts. Everything for the kitchen itself - cabinets, drawers, hardware - were purchased during IKEA's kitchen deal where we received 15% of the purchase back in in-store credit. We then used that money to get a second vanity and storage cabinets for the bathrooms as well as organizers for all of our drawers. A very calculated process that we would highly recommend planning for in advance, not only to budget accordingly, but also if you want to extend your budget as efficiently as possible.

Original kitchen in DIY home renovation
IKEA kitchen being installed in DIY home renovation

Norris and Winnie had to keep each other company and find unusual places to retreat while our house was in disarray. They didn't seem to mind all that much.

Our dogs, Norris and Winnie, finding a retreat from our home renovations
Winnie tired from all our renovation work

There are so many topics in this kitchen renovation that we could go further into detail with - how we planned the layout for efficiency, IKEA's planning tools, budget strategizing with IKEA deals, organizing our kitchen - the list goes on. Let us know in the comment section below what you want to hear more about next and we'll tell ya! Tomorrow we will be talking about our concrete countertops - stay tuned!

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