Throwback Thursday: DIY bathroom sliding door

Today on Throwback Thursday, we bring you our homemade sliding barn door, one of my favorite features of our house!

Every inch counts in a smaller house, which is why we wanted to avoid traditional hinged interior doors as much as possible. Cue the sliding barn door. With it's minimal clearance requirements and versatile design options, it was perfect for our downstairs bathroom.

Of course, being the mindfully selective people we are, the hardest part was finding a door we liked (that was within our budget). After doing a little research, Erik decided to try his hand at constructing our dream door - because when you can't find what you want, you just make it, right? Keep reading to find out how we achieved our cedar beam door!

We incorporated some of the current design elements from the finished portions of our house to start bringing the room styles together. The hardware for hanging the door coordinated with the chrome accents in the bathroom while reflecting the industrial vibe of the stair railing, and the cedar tied in with the exposed beams of the second floor.

The door is constructed out of cedar boards alternating between 4 and 8 inch widths with 1/4 inch hardboard strips in between for spacers. Erik then drilled three holes vertically through each board and fed a threaded rod through each to connect the boards. Washers and bolts were installed on the end of each rod to tighten the boards together and the excess rod was cut.

The door wasn't completely sturdy yet, so we returned to our friends at Black Oak Forge to create custom stabilizing bars to attach to each side. Attaching the door to the rail system was fairly simple, but definitely easier with two people.

We're extremely happy with the door (the first interior door in the entire house!) and especially proud to say it's homemade. What we particularly love is that it is always visible, giving it an artful purpose against the once-empty wall space between the bathroom and office.

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