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Flashback Friday: Custom stair railing

Welcome to our first Flashback Friday! Every Thursday and Friday we will be featuring past updates so we can get...well, up to date on our current projects. First up, our upstairs railing.

For the longest time we had to be very careful at the top of our staircase because we did not have a railing. We shopped around, but just couldn't find anything close to what we were envisioning to go with the modern-yet-somewhat-industrial-loft style that the bedroom has been taking on. In the end, we decided to have the stair railing custom made - a first in our home renovations. Erik found a few pictures of steel railings that fit the mold and connected with Black Oak Forge, a local blacksmith in our area. The customized railing turned out exactly how we had pictured it and even more beautiful than we had hoped.

Our light fixture is from IKEA. We love it because it has two settings - both the loops and the down light can be on, providing the perfect amount of light for the stairs, or the down light can be turned off to create ambient lighting for the upstairs space. Multi-functional and super cool, just the way we like things!




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