Throwback Thursday: Trim-Tex shadow reveal window trim

Once we had our kitchen layout confirmed and the walls skim-coated, it was time to update the window trim. Instead of painting the window trim in the kitchen or replacing it with traditional trim, we decided to try something different. Erik had been eyeing up different shadow reveal options for the baseboard and found the same concept in trim form through Trim-Tex. The minimalist, modern look was a perfect fit for the developing style of our house.

The old trim was already removed when we skim coated the walls, which gave us the opportunity to test this stuff out. We used the F Reveal Bead so we could place the reveal right up against the window frame. Once the trim was attached, which is very similar to installing drywall corner bead, Erik came up with a great idea to put braided cord in the reveal before mudding around the trim. This way we didn't have to worry about getting mud in the reveal, making clean up much easier.

White caulk will go in the corners to seal any gaps between the edges. You could cut out the edges that cross at the corners and add caulk to make a seamless track around the entire window (see image below), but we decided to leave it to add a little visual interest to the frame.

We are really happy with the results! So much so that we decided to use the rest of the trim on the remaining trim-less windows in the house. The reveal is clean and simple, but still gives a touch of detail and interest to the space.

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