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Flashback Friday: Concrete kitchen countertops

We get by with [a lot] of help from our friends and family. This time it was Erik's dad assisting with our concrete countertops - thanks Jim!

All the materials for our counters are from Z Counterform Concrete Countertop Solutions. You can find great tutorial videos online, which Erik studied several times before starting the process. First, we covered the cabinets with plastic sheeting. Then cement board was cut and attached to the cabinets along with supports under the island overhang. My job was to snap the support clips to the width of our counters. These held the wire mesh in place while the concrete solidified.

Prepping support clips for Z Counterform Concrete Countertop
Wire mesh prepped for concrete countertops

Next, the square edge profile counter forms were installed around the cement boards and a flexible form was installed around the sink before the white concrete was mixed and poured.

Square edge profile during install of concrete countertops
Troweling concrete countertops
Concrete countertops poured and drying
Final touches to level concrete countertops

Erik very carefully and meticulously leveled the surface until it was completely smooth. We then let the concrete set and dry for 48 hours before removing the forms. There was something incredibly satisfying about snapping off that plastic to reveal the glass-smooth edges.

Removing square edging during concrete countertop installation
Removing square edging during concrete countertop installation
Removing square edging during concrete countertop installation
Concrete countertop completed square edge
Square edge concrete countertop installation complete

Some final sanding with these nifty diamond sanding pads and...Voila! new concrete countertops!

Concrete countertops installation complete
Concrete countertops installation complete
Concrete countertops installation on kitchen island complete

If you haven't figured it out yet, we really like using the color white. It's just so fresh and clean, and leaves you with a beautiful blank slate for styling with non-permanent features that can then be restyled later on. With that said, it was a little nerve racking considering light colored counters. WE loved pictures we were finding online, but was it really practical or were we going to regret them with the first spaghetti sauce stain? Our fears were relieved and our decision was final when we saw the white countertops in the Marcum's kitchen renovation on Chris Loves Julia (one of our favorite home renovation inspirations).

A common reaction we now get from our kitchen when friends and family visit is, "Was that window always there?" The openness of the new layout accentuated by the white cabinets and countertops provides a light to the space that even we didn't expect, but are very happy with!




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