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Upstairs painted

This weekend we finished painting the upstairs space. 10 gallons of primer and 5 gallons of paint later we have beautiful finished walls and ceilings. Our lesson learned through this process was to not use cheap paint. Our first run with white paint ended in baby blue walls! Two extra coats of primer and a trip to Sherwin Williams fixed that, but we will never try to trim costs through paint again. The paint color is Eminence ceiling paint with no added colors. It may sound obvious, but any "white" you pick from the color options is going to have a colored base tone. No matter how subtle the color, the lighting in our space always brought out the base tone. We found that leaving the paint untouched created the purest, brightest white while still allowing for some warmth depending on how we set the lights. Exactly what we were going for!

To clean up the beams we just used warm water with dish soap and a little bit of Goo Gone.

We wish we could share scents with you - the cedar beams make the entire upstairs smell amazing!




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