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Dropped ceiling removed

The living room had a dropped tile ceiling that was already falling down in some places, so we knew it had to be one of the first things to go. We started the process on Saturday morning and had the entire ceiling - lathe, plaster and all - removed and bagged by Saturday night.

Erik took the tiles off individually and I bagged them. Then, once the tiles were gone we prepped for the plaster. We hung sheets of painters plastic in all the doorways to the living room and on the floors (which did not help much in the end). When everything was covered, we hammered the plaster off and pulled the lathe out. (Fun fact: Did you know people used horse hair in the plaster way-back-when to help hold it together?! Yeah, I thought the same thing as it was falling all around me.)

We were left with beautiful beams and floor boards that we've decided to keep exposed...and a TON of heavy bags!

Here is the "before and after" of the finished work...




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